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Brighten your life.

Who we are

produces products that contains high-purity organic natural ingredients that “borrowed” from the nature, for what your hair needs.
People are made alive by nature, but nature could exists without us.
We believe that humans and nature are not completely equivalent, but we humans are always part of nature.
Just as plants likes the sun and beautiful water, your hair and skin needs the energy of nature.
Also, makes no definition for any particular personality or identity.
We should be conscious that we are like an animal, also as a plant, and the cells of the earth, at the same time we are like a crystal, as we all born under the sun equally.
To gathering the people together, not the separation, that is our belief and what we believe "who we are".
exists for you to becomes "Who you really are".

We are organic

All products contain high-purity organic natural ingredients.
They are produced by a trusted farm under a natural process and
Ingredients are extracted from the material using the newest technology.
These carefully selected ingredients are not only for protects your hair and skin,
but also helps restore a true form and make your hair and skin energised.
Of course, the fragrance is also composed only of natural ingredients.
We believe that naturally derived ingredients enhance your quality of life.
continues to propose Creative for today, An effective for tomorrow.


Our packages are made by highest quality glass bottles.
and packed by the one of the oldest glass factory in Japan, which has history of business over 90 years.
Not only can it achieve excellent design and quality control, but it also has an aspect of environmental protection.
Of course, we also use the most sustainable raw materials that is possible to use for our products.
It will lead to a future where we can coexist with all the animals and plants on the earth.
In the changing times, there are things that should never be changed.
While appreciating the blessings of nature, aims to realize a sustainable society.


Download the pamphlet here [PDF].

Brighten your life. Brighten your life. Brighten your life. Brighten your life. Brighten your life.
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